Abolition of document certifications and publication of company documents in Government’s Gazette

By virtue of Law 4250/2014 (Government’s Gazette Α’ 74/26-3-2014), article 1: a) the obligation to submit to any public authority or public body described therein documents issued by said authorities and bodies in originals or certified copies is abolished and such documents may be submitted in simple photocopies, b) where the legislation in force expressly provides for the submission of original documents, such obligation shall remain in force only until 26-6-2014. In addition, all private documents certified by a lawyer or validated by said public authorities or bodies shall also be submitted in simple photocopies.

By virtue of article 2 of the Law, the obligation on companies to publish any acts, information or announcements of registration with the General Commercial Registry (GCR) in the Government’s Gazette (SA-LTD and GCR Issue) is abolished with effect as of 1-1-2015, regardless of whether such publication is currently made by GCR or by the company. Such publication shall be substituted by a mandatory publication on the GCR website. All deadlines connected to the date of publication shall be deemed to commence or expire, as the case may be, from the date of publication on GCR’s website. From 20-7-2014 until 31-12-2014 all company publications in the Government’s Gazette shall be free of charge.