The Hellenic Competition Commission imposes 12,5 million euro fine on Carrefour Marinopoulos SA for competition law infringements in the franchise network of “5 Marinopoulos” retail stores

By decision No.495/VI/2010 of 15 July 2010, the HCC found that Carrefour Marinopoulos SA violated articles 1 and 2a Law 703/77 and 101 EU Treaty. According to the HCC, specific conditions in the franchise agreements for the “5 Marinopoulos” retail stores, whereby franchisees where required to follow the recommended price list, amounted to resale price maintenance. In addition, the IT system of the franchise network at its early stage of operation, rendered price management by the franchisees difficult and time-consuming, thereby facilitating price rigidity. The HCC also found that the franchisor restricted cross-supplies between the franchisees, in combination with imposing exclusive supply obligations. The total fine imposed is 12.512.848,00 euro.